January 24, 2023

What is Interior Styling? 

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Looking for a way to aesthetically lift your space without spending too much? Interior styling may be the best option for you. At Salt Interior Studio, we provide an Interior Styling service that specialises in modern coastal styling for the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. 

Knowing the difference between interior design and interior styling 

Whether you’ve engaged a builder or you’re DIY-ing the home renovation of your dreams, when it comes to truly pulling off that magazine-worthy modern coastal look you may be considering getting some professional help. At this point you may be questioning, what is the difference between interior design and interior styling? 

At Salt Interior Studio, although we do offer both services, Interior styling is specifically focused on elevating the look of your space and its overall aesthetics without changing its core structure. 

For those on a budget or who are lucky enough to have a space that will work well as a blank canvas, interior styling may be just the thing to help you update your interior with some simple but oh-so-effective changes. 

Selecting the right colours and textures for a modern coastal interior 

Think clean lines, neutral colours and a wide range of tones that pick up on the natural landscape of the coast. At Salt Interior Studio, we go beyond the typical ultra-white modern coastal interior to create unique colour palettes that will still evoke that clean, indoor/outdoor relaxed vibe but with a more practical and liveable outcome (yes, you won’t have to worry about dirty paws and tiny feet staining the white couch).  

When you book in a styling service with us, we help you choose a colour palette that is totally unique to your lifestyle and preferences and then we help you translate that into the right wall colours, floor coverings, furniture, decor and more. 

A few colours you’ll see in our palettes: 

Natural white, cream, sand, blush, terracotta, eggshell blue, light grey, soft teal and a pop of navy. 

Choosing the right furniture for your layout 

From sourcing and selecting beautiful rattan side tables to a light grey sofa like the Atticus Sofa by M+Co, interior styling is not only about helping you find the right furniture for the style you’re wishing to achieve, but it also requires good spatial planning skills. As interior stylists, we are always thinking about the flow of foot traffic for your room, creating spaces that allow all members of the family to come and go effortlessly. 

Now, when it comes to modern coastal style, the biggest challenge we find with furniture, is finding pieces that are durable, washable and easy to clean. This requires selecting the right materials and colours, as well as informing our clients on how to care for their new furniture and decor so that their stunning interior looks just as good in a one, two or three year’s time. 

Helping you find the right light fittings 

Illuminating your space with the right lighting requires knowing the difference between general ambient indoor lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. For example, while LED lighting may be used to create the right ambiance in a room, accent lighting like a wall sconce may highlight a certain feature.  For brightening up a space that you’ll be working, cooking or reading in some task lighting may include a study lamp or beautiful overhanging pendants. Of course, knowing the best lighting brands that will have the right type and style of lighting for a modern coastal home, is exactly what makes Salt Interior Studio highly sought after. A particular brand we adore and an absolute must for beautiful handcrafted light shades, Lumiere Shades


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