August 8, 2023

GlobeWest: Elevating Your Interior Design with Timeless Elegance

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Are you in search of sophisticated and timeless furniture pieces that exude style and class?

Look no further than GlobeWest—the epitome of exquisite craftsmanship and design.

As a trade-only company, Globe West has earned a reputation for creating high-quality and luxurious furniture collections that add a touch of elegance to any space.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through some of our favourite GlobeWest furniture pieces.

And guess what? We’ve got an exclusive offer for you! Not only can we purchase on your behalf, but we can also secure a special discount on your GlobeWest purchases, allowing you to bring these coveted designs into your home effortlessly.

Image credit: GlobeWest

Why I love GlobeWest

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Design

Globe West’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and design excellence shines through in every furniture piece they create. From opulent sofas and armchairs to stunning dining tables and outdoor furniture, each piece is carefully crafted with attention to detail, using the finest materials and finishes. The result? Timeless and luxurious furniture that elevates the aesthetics of any interior space.

A Diverse Range of Collections

Globe West boasts an extensive and diverse range of furniture collections that cater to various design styles and preferences. Whether you favour contemporary minimalism, classic sophistication, or a blend of both, Globe West has a collection that speaks to your unique tastes. Their versatile designs allow you to curate a cohesive and harmonious interior that reflects your individuality.

Versatility in Functionality

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Globe West furniture is also highly functional. Many pieces offer versatile features, such as extendable dining tables, modular sofas, and multifunctional storage solutions. This level of functionality ensures that your furniture not only looks stunning but also enhances your everyday living experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Elegance

Globe West’s allure extends beyond indoor spaces, as they also offer a striking range of outdoor furniture that brings elegance to alfresco settings. From chic outdoor lounges to stylish dining sets, Globe West ensures that your outdoor areas are as beautifully furnished as your indoor spaces.

Your Exclusive Offer

At Salt Interior Studio, we are excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity! As an authorised retailer, we can purchase Globe West furniture on your behalf and even secure a special discount on your purchase. This means you can bring the beauty and sophistication of GlobeWest furniture into your home without the hassle.

GlobeWest furniture epitomises luxury, sophistication, and functionality—a perfect combination for elevating your interior design. With an array of collections to choose from, each piece promises to transform your living spaces into breathtaking havens. And now, with our exclusive offer, you can enjoy the privilege of owning GlobeWest furniture at a discounted price. Let us curate a space that reflects your personal style, showcasing the timeless elegance of GlobeWest.

Get in touch with us today to explore this exclusive opportunity and discover the beauty of GlobeWest furniture for yourself.

Image credit: Globe West

Our top picks in the current Globe West collection.

  1. Jeson Occasional Chair –
  2. Artie Wave Ripple Coffee Table –
  3. Natadora Pivot Marble side table –
  4. Sketch Cantaloupe occasional chair –
  5. Anchor bench seat –
  6. Elle block oval coffee table –
  7. Sketch baker modular sofa –


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